Reactor World Expo 2024


Who should visit?

User/Visitor industries

Petrochemicals, Fertilizers, Paints, Varnishes, Glass, Perfumes, Toiletries, Pharmaceuticals, Basic Organic Chemicals, Specialty Chemicals, Chlor-alkali, Pesticides, leather, Dyestuff, and Alcohol-Based Chemicals, Food & Beverages, Pulp & Paper and Leather

User/Visitor categories

Plant heads, R & D personnel, engineers, operators, scientists, academicians, purchase personnel, regulatory authorities, Government policymakers, etc.

Process industries

Aeration and Oxidation Industries
Enzymatic and Catalytic Process Industries
Crystallization and Concentration Process Industries
Hydrogenation Process Industries
Homogenization Process Industries
Thermal Transfer Applications

Who will exhibit?

  • Chemical Reactor Manufacturers: Low-Flow Reactor, G1 Standard Evaluation Reactor, G3Glass Reactor, G4 Ceramic Reactor, G1 Photo Reactor & G1 SiC Reactor
  • Heat Exchanger, Pressure and Leak Testing Systems
  • Force and Torque Quality Testing, Electric Current and Voltage Testing
  • Temperature Control and Testing Systems, Variation Monitoring and Testing Systems
  • Gauging & Probing Systems, Thermocouples, Sensor and Laser Measurement Systems
  • Austenitic Stainless-Steel Materials, Super Austenitic Stainless-Steel Materials
  • Duplex and Super duplex Stainless-Steel Materials
  • Industrial Immersion Heaters – Water, Oil, Boiler/Flange Heaters, Chemical Immersion Heaters, Glass Immersion Heaters
  • Commercial Heating Elements – Boiler Heating Elements, Solar Water Heaters, Sterilizer Heating Elements
  • Control Valves, Flame Arresters, Inline Flame Arrestor, Various Types of Switches, Flow Switch, Tuning Fork Level Switch
  • Nutsche Filters, Vacuum Dryer, Chemical Reactor, Heat Exchangers, Distillation Column, Slurry Vessels, Double Cone Blender, Limpet Reactor, Agitator Nutsche Filter Dryer
  • Hydrogenator, Agitators, Autoclaves
  • High-Pressure Lab Autoclaves, High Mass Transfer Area Reactors, Non-Stirred Reactors & Pressure Vessels, Mini Magnetic Couplings For Vacuum Distillation, Skid Mounted Hydrogenation Plants, Noble Metal Catalyst Filters & Fabricated Equipment In Exotic Metals
  • Pharmaceutical Glass, Microplates, Permeable Supports, Ceramic Substrates, Ceramic Particulate Filters
  • Centrifuge, Hydro Extractor, Digesters, Accumulators
  • Screw Conveyors, Belt Conveyors, Chain Conveyors, Crushers, Fermentors
  • Compressed Air Systems, Chilled Water Systems, Cooling Water Treatment Systems, Steam/Hot Water Systems, Fire Fighting Systems
  • Structured packing – sheet metal, random packing – metal, column internals, liquid distributor and re-distributor, liquid collectors, packing supports and bed limiters, distillation trays, mist eliminators, feed systems
  • Liquid extraction packing, liquid coalescers, evaporators and spares

Why Visit ?

  • A conglomerate of the Asia-Pacific’s fastest growing industrial fraternity under one roof
  • A showcase of the most novel products, technologies and services
  • A promising platform offering boundless scope for networking and business expansion
  • A pedestal for unlimited learning, acquisition of knowledge and growth
  • An exposure to upcoming global industrial and market trends
  • A place to find from the choicest vendors/manufacturers/suppliers, etc.
  • Network with Government authorities and technical experts
  • A plethora of skill-development and employment opportunities




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