Reactor World Expo 2025

Exhibitor categories

Manufacturers/service providers related to

  • Chemical reactors
  • Heat exchangers
  • Sensor and laser measurement systems
  • Pressure, leak and temperature testing systems
  • Variation monitoring and testing systems
  • Gauging and probing systems and sensors
  • Austenitic and super austenitic SS materials
  • Alloys and superalloy materials
  • Titanium and cladding materials
  • Immersion heaters and thermocouples
  • Control valves, flame arresters, flow switches
  • Vacuum dryers, distillation columns and trays
  • Hydrogenators, agitators, autoclaves
  • Magnetic couplings, hydrogenation plants, Nutsche filters, particulate filters
  • Pharmaceutical glass, microplates, permeable    supports, ceramic substrates
  • Centrifuge, hydro extractor
  • Digesters, accumulators, evaporators
  • Conveyors, crushers, fermentors
  • Compressed air systems, water systems, water treatment systems, fire fighting systems
  • Packing materials, distributor and re-distributor, mist eliminators, feed systems And many more…

Visitor categories

  • Purchase personnel from user industries
  • Engineers/operators looking for new technologies
  • Purchase personnel from manufacturing companies
  • Investors/bankers/venture capitalists
  • Regulatory authorities/policymakers
  •  Energy companies
  • Design engineers/consultants
  •  Renewable energy project developers
  • Agencies dealing in instrumentation
  • R&D institutions
  • Academicians & students

Visitor Industries

Power Plants, Petrochemicals, Fertilizers, Paints, Varnishes, Glass, Perfumes, Pharmaceuticals, Organic & specialty Chemicals, Chlor-alkali, Pesticides, Leather, Dyestuff, Food & Beverage, Pulp & Paper, etc.

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